As Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Ideas are sh * t!”. What really matters is the execution and the hard work.

From the very first day, we’ve started documenting our journey via Mentee Founded. It reminds us why we’ve started and keeps us on the right track.

We’ve decided to share this with you, so you can live the real start-up experience as we do now. We also hope that you can learn something and/or get some inspiration along the way.

The first idea came to our mind on 28. August 2016. It was shortly after one of the founders, Zdenek, came back from his trip around Europe and second founder, Jacob, left his previous business. At that time both of us had a lot of free time and urgent need to create something.

Our weekly drive from Breclav to Zlin was ahead of us and we’ve decided beforehand, that we’d try to come up with a new business idea, before we arrive to Zlín (100km).

We set off and the hardcore brainstorming started. Our brains were pondering so hard you could literally see a fog on the front window. We traveled no more than 20 kilometres of our journey, when a new idea appeared – simple question: “How can people easily exchange their skills?”

From that moment onwards, we focused on the question and it began to grow and evolve. Word after word, sentence after sentence, we were realising how good an answer to this question is.

An intensive exchange of words were exchanged by even more intensive moments of silence. Another 20 km behind us, and it became obvious what we’re going to create “We will make an app for sharing skills!”.

It all started to take a shape in our minds. We knew exactly what to do, at least we thought we knew. Just to make sure that the idea is worth growing, we did quick research. It showed us that there is a potential gap in the market.


In an hour and a half we managed to come up with a business idea on which we’ve been working daily, since that moment onwards.

Good ideas come unexpectedly, but it’s your job to transform the best ones into reality. 🙂

In the next chapter, we’re going to tell you more about the period we call “The Dark Ages”.

See you in a week!

Jakub & Zdeněk

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