In this Mentee Founded, you can read and see, how our first graphics looked and how we had progressed towards it. You can also find out how we founded the first Skill Sharing group. This part is longer, so sit comfortably and enjoy the reading.

At this time, our app was getting closer and closer to reality. Well at least in the visual sense. We started working with Petr A. on the interface, UX and graphics of Mentee. We decided to only do iOS version of the app simply because doing only one version (and Android later) meant spending less money and time for the development.

First ugly wireframe:

We met with Petr and laid down how our app should look, what it should do and discussed everything. The goal was to create a simple yet very functional and visually appealing app, that would be as easy as possible to understand and to work with.

Huge amount of work and little time meant we started early in the morning and worked till night. We spent a lot of time in the office, including weekends. If anybody was looking for us, chances are he would find us sitting behind the desk, discussing or writing on the whiteboard in our office.

First version of design:

In the second half of December 2016, we were looking for a way to test the idea behind Mentee once more. After few brainstormings and few nights spent in the office, we decided to create a Facebook group called Skill Sharing. A place, where people can freely exchange their skills, meet like-minded people and learn something new. Basically really simplified version of Mentee.

We started planning – how to create it, who to invite, what to post there, how to communicate the group, what graphics to use, etc… Which took some time and we had higher priority tasks. Thanks to this, we were not exactly pushing ourselves to actually create the group.

Then one day, Zdeněk had decided to spent the night working in the office. During this coffee and snacks fueled all-nighter (working whole night, sometimes leaving the office in daylight) he finished majority of the tasks and decided to tackle the group-creating issue.

Around 3 or 4 am the group was created.

When he left office around 5 am, the group was completely done, all with description, graphics and first few hundred members invited.

This period with long workhours (record is 23 consecutive hours spent in the office) lasted all the way to New Year’s Eve, which we happily spent working in the office. While other were celebrating, we were sitting in the office, working through our long task list. And honestly we enjoyed it.

We posted short live-video into our group, wished all the member the best and thanking them for being with us and for all the support they gave us. We had a little champagne and went back to work.
At midnight, we had quick break from work, opened up champagne bottle and said cheers. We then worked until the morning.

Around 5 am, we turned off the lights, locked the office and went home. While we were going through quiet streets of Zlin, filled with debris from pyrotechnics and alcohol bottles, we were in cheerful mood.

It was great New Year’s Eve.


The way to first version of the graphics was hard and long (no puns), but it taught us a lot. Creating the first Skill Sharing group was a great thing, which helped us gain greater confidence for our project – Mentee. It was all thanks to you and thanks to your activity and your feedback, that we were able to test how would Mentee work. Thank you.

In the next part of Mentee Founded, we are talking about how we have dealt with rising cost of Mentee development.

Thanks for being with us.

Zdenek and Jakub

Jakub & Zdeněk

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