This part is about paying bills. We will talk about paying rising development costs for Mentee and paying for food and necessary basics. We ended up working as much as 16 hours a day and we had no time to make money. We had to make some changes and we had to focus on bringing some capital to Mentee. Let’s jump into it!

At the start of 2017 we started giving more of our time and focus to activities that will “bring the food to the table” and help us bootstrap Mentee. Instead of part-time making money and full-time working on the app, we switched to full-time money-making and full-time Mentee.

Which meant no more free weekends, social relations and social life. But thanks to these sacrifices we were able to continue developing Mentee, save some money for further costs and also not die from hunger.

Development of Mentee has been slowed down. But at the same time we were working our ***es off and learning new things on daily basis. We learned to utilise a lot of new tools and programs, improved our IT and sales skills and jumped further into the world of graphic design.

We then tried to use what we had learnt in Mentee. We were looking for a spot where our new experience could enhance Mentee and improve it.

We did a lot of things. We designed and created websites, prepared and implemented marketing and business strategies. We were selling digital solutions. We did copywriting, graphic design and we took pictures of everything – products, people, factories, villas, events… We did anything as long as it was a challenge, we could learn from it and it was paid.

Working in different environments and fields of work had been useful. We gained a lot of experience and most importantly, new points of view. Later, this helped us improvise and find better solutions to a huge range of problems.



Even if you work on the best product ever and you love the job, you still need to eat and pay bills. That means doing whatever you can to stay afloat until your main hustle also becomes your main sources of money.

The next part will be about how Mentee had grown in size and requirements. And how we found out how big of a project it really is.

Next time!

Zdenek and Jakub

Jakub & Zdeněk

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