Today, we get a bit closer to our feelings from the first version of our emerging app graphics, how we struggled with the expanding assignment, and how, at the end, the graphics of the app, ended. So let’s go!

In January 2017, we received the first version of our app’s graphics. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet our expectations. At that time, we were foolishly thinking that we are going to launch the app during February, so we were stressed about how to deal with the situation.

Fortunately, we addressed our good friend Petr P. (the third Petr, who is involved in our project … coincidence?). With whom we agreed to transform the graphic to our satisfaction.

We eventually changed graphics a lot, and we chose other colors – so our blue-green gradient (or green-blue?) was born.

We started to work deeply on the app, and finally, from our original assignments to about 18 screens, we made the assignment to almost 50. Despite our strong deletion of the features and simplification, the app started to be big.

At first, we didn’t know how many hours, how much work and how many graphics will be needed for a “simple mobile app”.

We decided to create the simplest first version, and all other ideas we started to write down into a special, already several-pages file. We will return to them as soon as the time comes for the next version.

With Peter P. we started to work on graphics. This time, all the work was done in our office. This type of collaboration had a great advantage in having better supervision of how the app looks like and we could provide Petr P. with immediate feedback.

On the other hand, it was a strong interference to our productivity, but what else could we do than to watch how pixel by pixel our app is being shaped into an almost tangible form?


You will not always be happy with the work that is externally provided. It won’t be always ideal, but the responsibility is always up to you. 🙂 It worked really well for us to look among our friends and look for help there. During an app development, you need to be aware of the moment when your app is expanding too big, you need to then sit and start deleting, what is not necessarily needed for the first version.

In the next episode of Mentee, we will be dedicated to our Skill Sharing group and the new type of content we have started to create.

See you soon!

Zdenek and Jakub

Jakub & Zdeněk

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