In the first chapter of Mentee Founded, we told you the origin of our idea and how our journey has started. But by that, our work’s just begun. The next step was to conduct a thorough market research to map our potential competition and to see if there is even a space for such a project.

Upon arriving in Zlín, our “Dark Ages” started. In this case, “The Dark Ages” means spending many of weeks drinking mainly cold-brewed black tea and working day and night. We spent this time in our room that began to be filled with stacks of paper containing procedures, algorithms, and sketches of our app.

We left the room only to restock food and tea bags. Those days have been filled with only a few hours of sleep and a lot of work. We’ve been working more than 19 hours a day on our project, that at that time still didn’t have a name.

But before all this have started, we needed a thorough market research. We used all the search engines we knew and focused on more than 15 different keywords. We also went through a lot of different forums and visited “question/answer” services like and a few more others.

Results of this research were surprising and very pleasing. We’ve discovered many ways to obtain new knowledge, but despite the simplicity of our idea, we haven’t found any comparable service.

We do continue this research on a weekly basis. So far we’ve only found almost a similar, but more web-based service in Poland and a startup aimed mainly at exchanging knowledge for material things or accommodation.

This could either mean that we’ve come up with something really innovative or that the principle we want to use doesn’t work. Full of optimism, we’ve decided to go for the first option and support it by working as much as we can with as high quality as possible.


For several days and nights, we’ve spent doing thorough research of the market. It showed us that there is no identical service, but there are plenty, that can inspire us.

Being second in the market doesn’t equal being unsuccessful. But being the first is far better than that! 🙂

In the third part of Mentee Founded, you are about to find out how we’ve formed the most basic Mentee features and what we were fighting about.

See you in a week!

Jakub & Zdeněk

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