We’ve already revealed a lot of our journey to you, even though we haven’t even started yet. Today, you’re going to find out how we formed the main features of our app Mentee and what was the reason behind our arguments. Lastly, we’re going to tell you how we came up with our name. So let’s get started.

Since the semester hasn’t started yet and we didn’t have a lot to work on, we took advantage of our situation and started working on Mentee. We spent over 18 hours a day building and improving our idea.

Piles of paper filled with sketches and written text were pilling up and stealing space in our room, our folder on google disk was growing bigger and our minds were still coming up with new innovations.

We started with a definition of what we want to create. We wrote down first one, which was first a very long and complicated. After that we started simplifying it by cutting off useless words and phrases, and puting more suitable ones in their place. Our goal was to make it as short and as simple as possible while still being understandable and illustrative enough.

Gradually, our work started forming processes. We’ve found that it consisted of few steps:

  1. Brainstorming – coming up with tons of ideas. The more, the better.
  2. Explaining – when we came with a good idea, we started explaining this idea to each other.
  3. Argumentation – many times we both came with a solution and then we started shooting arguments on each other. During this time we’ve had lots of arguments. In these “fights” our objective was always to let the best solution win. In this step, there is no place for ego.
  4. Writing down the chaotic and complex form of the solution – when we were both satisfied with the solution to any problem, we wrote it down. Either using pen and paper or notebook and Google Docs. We simply wanted to see how it looks in written form.
  5. Simplifying this solution – most of the time, we were left with overly complex and chaotic definition of solution from last step. Next objective was changing and tweaking it again, to make it easy to understand, short to read and illustrative enough to avoid as many errors as possible.

A perfect example of this process of ours was coming up with way to display skills and users in Mentee app. We started with complicated and tough algorithm which was taking up whole A4 page. Then, 5 hours later we were able to shrink it to a 5×4 cells table without losing any meaning or functions.

It’s one of the most important algorithm, that dictates the functioning of the app. Even today, after more than 10 months and a lot of feedback from specialists, it still looks and works the same. Those mindcrushing 5 hours had paid off.

Mentee, the name of our app had cost us more than 6 hours of brainstorming and googling available domains.

Philosophy of our name comes from the fact, that mentee is an apprentice of a mentor.

It makes perfect sense, because when people exchange skills and experience between each other, both of them are at the same time mentor and mentee. Therefore they become “Mentees”. This also shows that both parties are equal, both are teacher and student at the same time.

During this brainstorming marathon, we‘ve also invented a name for our drink. We named it “Mentea”. It’s essentially just cold-brewed black tea, but we drank a lot of it and it allowed us to work for over 20 hours daily. Devil’s cocktail.

As we were hyped from all the things that started taking shape (and also from all the black tea) we even modeled app wireframe (including all text and interactions), wrote basic version of business plan and prepare answers to almost every question, which we could expect from investor.

Our first app wireframe was just very very basic version, but it enabled us to see with more clarity how the app will look like and what it’d have to be capable of.


This stage of our journey was, in our point of view, the most important one. Our idea had been still fresh and we haven’t been as biased as we are now. We had huge amount of ideas, a lot of them were not good enough and a lot of them were too complicated to be used in the first few years. But we’ve wrote them all down in one big document and we try to use them for the app or at least for the inspiration.

Enjoy the first few weeks / months of your project as much as you can. You can be extremely creative and unpractical. When the executive part comes its just a lot harder to just stop for a week and spend it locked in the room thinking up new ideas. 🙂

You can look forward to next part of Mentee founded, where we you can find what helped us move to project forward and what skills and knowledge we had to obtain to acomplish that.

Thank You, for being with us since the begining.

Jakub & Zdeněk

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