The beginnings are always difficult. It’s mainly because you don’t have enough information and many times you are not willing to look it up. But if your vision and ambition are strong enough, you will overcome this “laziness”. And that’s what exactly Mentee Founded is going to be today. How did we beat this “laziness”?

During development, we went through different phases, just like during learning new skills.

When we started to figure out how the app will work, we’ve been experiencing a state “We don’t know what we have to have”, we knew what we wanted to create, but we didn’t know what is needed for it.

As we have been in the matter for some time and consulted it with different people from the industry, we came to the status “We know what we need to have”, we have already known what we should create and what is needed to run the app.

After further education and progress in development, we came to the stage “We know how to have what we need to have”. Not only did we know what to create, but we were able to set up the steps that will lead us to the result.

Finally, “We have what we must have”.

We went through these phases, but actually, we are still going through them, as we developed a lot of different areas of various fields whose knowledge and control of the certain skills were needed to create the Mentee.


At this stage, we often laid in books, went to consult our ideas, and read hundreds of articles on the Internet. It is important at this time not to panic that your idea does not move or that you don’t work.

The hours you invest in developing your skills are investments that have a really significant value. Do not underestimate education.

In the next chapter, you’re about to find out how we consulted successful people and what specific benefit they had for us. Just in a week! 🙂

Thank you for experiencing it with us.

Jakub & Zdeněk

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