After several weeks of gathering information, creating everything from scratch and improving what we came up with, it was time to get some feedback from more experienced people. What have they said and how it changed our concept? Read further, we will tell you.
did we beat this “laziness”?

We passed the first month and had created a huge amount of stuff. Whether it was first wireframe, interface and interactions inside the app, functions, monetization models, or even cash flow and yet simple version of the business plan.

We got to the point where we needed to leave our “creative cave” and go out among people with experience in business to consult our idea and get some feedback.

We tried to come up with all possible questions these people could have and we answered them one by one. We were looking for the best and most simple way to explain our idea. We focused on the problem, which our app helps to solve. We also focused on monetization, target audience, how to attract users (marketing) and what unique benefits we are planning to offer.

The first person to learn about what we were working on was Petr, businessman from Zlín focused on B2B. We choose him, because he also have had experience with apps and technology, with leading micro teams and with consulting business ideas. Jakub met with him to explain the idea and get some feedback. Petr liked our plans, ideas and our excitement so much, we met few more times to discuss it and to go through all the details and eventually we decided to start working together.

Throughout his business experience and different, more mature, view on the matter, he became the third voice of our team. He helped us think more practically and look at our business differently. Since then, he had asked us a lot of hard questions we needed to hear and find answer to.

We eventually got a lot of feedback from different people in the industry, entrepreneurs, educationers and potential users. Thanks to these quick coffees or lunches, we changed few things, got answers to some objections and reformulated our key message.



We left our ego at home and got prepared for a lot of criticism. Yes, we were afraid that all these more experienced people would tell us that our idea suck and that we should give it up. Yes, we were afraid that someone would have stolen the idea. But overcome all this and went for it. In exchange, we got extremely valuable feedback and new member of our team.

Don’t be afraid to consult your idea, but don’t tell anyone more than is necessary for them to hear.

In the next Mentee Founded, we’ll tell you how we were making money to pay for food, rent and to pay for app expenses.

Thank you for experiencing it with us.

Jakub & Zdeněk

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