In all that work and creative storm, we have almost forgotten that we need to earn money as well. Even if we eliminated most of our spendings, focused only on the basic things and try to spend as less as we can, we still needed to have some kind of income to pay for food, rent and to pay for all the expenses connected to Mentee.

How did we earn money while working on Mentee and what impact did it have on our app? Read on and find out everything!

It was necessary to solve the essential – money. Not only we needed to finance development of the app, we also needed to eat something and to have a place to sleep. We started looking for a job that would help us pay our bills, and at the same, leave us enough time to continue developing Mentee.

We’ve minimized our spendings to the minimum and started working for Petr to create a new division of one of his digital, marketing, and business-oriented companies. Instead of spending the whole day on the apartment, we spent whole days and often even nights in the office.

We did pretty much everything. From webdesign, graphic design, copywritting, marketing strategies, social media marketing, HR campaign, or even sales. We also spent few weeks working in a small call center.

Not only we were able to make some money to take care of our basic needs and development of the app, we also were spending about half a day working and learning to do new things. We alter used this knowledge and new skills in improving Mentee.

An excellent example of this may be our newly acquired experience with creating Wordpress web pages, which we then used to create the website, and a massive improvement in graphics that we used to build content for social networks, particularly Instagram.

We also came up with a lot of ideas by combining our newly gained knowledge and our app. But that is different chapter of our story.


Our enthusiasm has blurred our vision a bit and we forgot to think about money. But soon we went back to be practical and to find and use every opportunity to make money and learn new things.

Whatever you do to pay bills, try to find a meaning in it. Think about your goal and consider the earned money only as a means to achieve the goal. And do not forget to enjoy the low-cost life, because you never know, when it will end.

Next week, you are about to learn why we almost gave up on Mentee and what followed afterward. Stay tuned!

Thank you for experiencing it with us.

Jakub & Zdeněk

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