This stage of our Mentee journey was difficult. We had put Mentee on hold and started working on a different project. Thankfully, our team members Petr and Lukas helped us get back on the right track in just a few weeks. Otherwise, this email would never reach your mailbox. Why did it happen? Read on and find out everything!

We focused on trying to see Mentee as a service via point of view of its users. We were coming up with possible situations and we tried to solve the problems, that emerged.

One question kept coming back at us. “Will our users be able to teach each other a skill, even though they have no experience with teaching?” we asked. And we had problem finding the answer. We have found our biggest obstacle yet.

Since we couldn’t find an answer, we decided to let it rest for a while and came up with a new idea. We put Mentee on hold and started working on a web portal for teachers and lecturers, who can sell their services on the internet. We found some inspiration in the world and we conducted a quick survey of competition in Czech Republic.

After few weeks of working daily (and nightly), we came up with a concept. We had prepared user flow, business plan, wireframe and we even started working on the website. We only needed some coding done and we could start the project.

Our plan was to build this service, monetize it as soon as possible and use the money for development and marketing of Mentee.



We’ve found out that phrases similar to this occurs in almost every process. It’s those moments like “I won’t be able to pass this exam” or “My project will never work..”. It’s perfectly natural to have doubts and even to get a little rest from the project.

At moments like this, it is good and also necessary, to remember why we’ve started all this in the first place.

Starting anything successful is hard work and sometimes it is difficult to swing over the first challenging moments. Do not give up, it’s worth it!

The next Mentee is going to be based on pulling Mentee out of the drawer and returning to the original plan.

Thank you for supporting us!

Jakub & Zdeněk

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