In last Mentee founded, we hit few obstacles and got off the track. How did we solve everything and how did we get back to the original idea? Everything is in today’s episode. Read on.

Our creative and innovative nature wasn’t happy with creating just an improved copy of us-based portal. We wanted to create something new, something innovative and with bigger potential than just portal for teachers. In short, we wanted Mentee.

This need emerged soon as we stood on an emergency staircase of our office building – our favorite place to discuss pretty much everything with a cup of coffee in our hands. We were there with Peter and Lukas and we started discussing why we had put Mentee on ice.

After this brief debate, we’ve decided to rethink our move and focus on Mentee again. We spent some time looking for an answer to the question that deviated us from the track. We came up with two ways to overcome this problem:

  1. Change the main message and how we think about Mentee: Instead of using Mentee to learn new skill completely, you get a friend who’ll help you with the basics of the skill – for example, when you want to learn to play guitar, you can ask for help with choosing the right guitar or for the best place where you can find lyrics. This means that the beginnings will be easier and there is a lower chance of quitting, since you have a companion and help on your journey to learn the skill.
  2. Test the app’s principle: You can spent a year coming up with various scenarios, but unless you test it with the real users, it’s all just presumptions. We decided to utilize Google Forms to simulate the login and skill picking process of the app, we matched the users manually and we used Google Hangouts to suplement the in-app chat.

Being us, we went on and did both. We changed and improved main message and we conducted a simple test.

Our second project – teacher’s portal, was sent to ice. But it wasn’t in vain. We used a lot of gained experience later, when we worked on Mentee.


It took us almost a month, but we got back to our first project – Mentee. We put our second project on the side and reused as much from it as we could for Mentee.
Overcoming all these obstacles gave us confidence in our project and reassurance that we are doing a good thing and are on a right path.

In the next Mentee Founded, we’ll let you see the testing process and we’ll show the results.

See you in a week and thanks for being with us.

Jakub & Zdeněk

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