We already knew that there was no identical platform like Mentee. It was time to test if what we are working on has a chance in the world. For that, we developed MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and tested it among our friends.

What is MVP and how did we tested it? Read on to find out.

In order to verify the usefulness of our app, we had to test the principle we’ve been working with. We had to test if people are open to sharing their skills and if Mentee could help them doing so.

We took the app and everything we’ve had prepared so far and stripped it out of all unnecessary stuff, leaving us only with the pure product. This way, we had created an MVP – Minimum Viable Product.

We went even further and replaced the key parts of our app with Google apps.

Profile completion and skill selection were done through Google questionnaire, matching was done manually and communication between users was made possible through Google Hangouts.

We got together more than 50 people, but when we started looking for matches, we found out it is an incredible amount of work and decided to pick just first 14 people.

We managed to create a total of 5 perfect pairs (each partner had something to teach the other one = win-win situation) The remaining four people were paired with two people each – one to learn from, one to teach.

We then linked our testers through Google Hangouts, wrote them a message to introduce them and to give them some tips and let them communicate with each other.

The test wasn’t as successful as we had hoped – only few people managed to learn something and the rest either haven’t even started the conversation, or they haven’t managed to meet and exchange skills.

Rather than confirming our principle, that people want to learn from each other, this test showed us, that it would not be so hard for people to find matches when using the app.

We had evaluated the test, learned from the data and continued working on the project.


We tested our app without the app itself. We replaced the crucial parts with Google apps and were able to test our principle basically without spending anything. Even though the test wasn’t as successful as we were hoping it would be, we learned a lot and it helped us reconfigure few things and it also gave us motivation, to continue building our app.

The next part of Mentee Founded is about getting first graphic versions of the app.


Zdenek & Jacob


Jakub & Zdeněk

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